Mission Statement

The successful total development of a child intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically is accomplished when the child is allowed to learn through play, exploration, and creativity.
It is our goal at Learning Tots Academy to ensure the successful total development of every child….

Intellectually, by providing each child with developmentally appropriate learning experiences that focus on the use of concrete, hands-on, integrated activities;

Emotionally, by providing each child with a loving, nurturing and safe environment; well-educated and trained teachers; and parent support and involvement;

Cognitively, by providing each child with activities and curriculum that enriches their intellectual development;

Socially, by providing each child with positive, meaningful interactions and experienced; and

Physically, by providing a well-designed movement program that includes fundamental movement skills and patterns associated with sport activities, thus providing opportunities for children to successfully develop their bodies, be healthy, and to understand what it means to be healthy and fit.


Young children are active learners; they learn by using their senses and actions to interact with their environment. Current brain development research had found that a child’s early interactions with her environment, determines how her brain will develop and continue to develop as she grows. With millions of children attending childcare programs, providing quality childcare is absolutely essential to ensuring the proper and successful development of young children.

Learning Tots Academy is dedicated to providing young children with quality early childhood experiences.

Learning Tots Academy provides young children with an educational curriculum that focuses on the use of meaningful, hands-on, concrete activities. Teachers are facilitators, allowing children to make choices and to learn from their interactions with their environment. The classroom environment, therefore, is designed to encourage children to play freely, explore, experiment and create. By using developmentally appropriate toys and games, while emphasizing an integrated curriculum, children are able to expand their cognitive development successfully.

Providing an early childhood program that focuses on the emotional and social development of young children is also important and evident at Learning Tots Academy. Children spend a great deal of time interacting with adults and other children. These relationships influence a child’s emotional and social development.

Children must have a loving and nurturing teacher, and an environment designed to offer security, comfort, and a sense of belonging. As they develop further, children become more capable of choosing and performing tasks and activities for themselves; thus feeling a sense of responsibility, self-confidence, and autonomy. Beginning at birth, developmentally appropriate activities, consistent scheduling, dedicated and understanding teachers, and parental support and involvement help young children to feel confident and successful.

As children continue to develop, they display more initiative to learn and to accept responsibility. Activities involving play, exploring, experimenting, and creating are encouraged to give children a feeling of value. These activities also help children socially as they learn to interact and cooperate with their classmates. Children feel that they have a positive influence on their own lives and that of others.

Physical development is an essential part to any quality educational program. Programs working specifically with young children have a responsibility to begin teaching the benefits of good health, hygiene, nutrition, exercise, and fitness. At Learning Tots Academy, teachers are role models, nutritious snacks and meals are provided, activities within the classrooms are designed and implemented to reinforce good health, and a physical development program, which de-emphasizes competition, is included.

A good physical development program also helps children to develop in other areas. As children grow and develop, their fine and gross motor capabilities improve. At Learning Tots Academy, as children are able to move, explore, and interact with their environment, their cognitive development is enhanced. As children become increasingly independent and as they form new relationships, their emotional and social development benefits, as well.

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