Pre-K Program
(4-5 years)

As our children prepare for kindergarten they must be provided with a language-rich environment that helps develop their cognitive, social, emotional, language and problem solving skills. In addition, children will be presented with numerous social interactions that will allow for building a better sense of self concept. Click here for the Pre-K schedule.

We maintain a 1:13 teacher to child ratio.

Activities include:

  • Group cooperative play
  • Math/number games
  • Work with multi-piece puzzles
  • Improve control of fine motor movements
  • Build vocabulary
  • Beginning writing activites
  • Pre-reading experiences
  • Practice following multi-step directions
  • Understand parts of a book (i.e. front, back, binding) as well as recognizing the author and illustrator
  • Sequencing of events and actions
  • Dictating and storytelling


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